Saturday, April 14, 2012

Search Terms That Led Here

    It's been almost 4 months since I started blogging, and I'm not getting to very much traffic. Most of you are coming from Blessing of Kings (Thanks, Rohan!) and a few from other places I lurk, like Huntsman's Lodge and Cynwise's Warcraft Manual. I guess I should comment more prolifically? I wouldn't know, I'm new at this.

  I have also gotten three Google refers. I expect at least two were disappointed. The searches that led to here and their respective posts were:

best drop rate book of glyph mastery (article)

 I like this post, but it doesn't actually say much besides "quitchyerbitchin" , so I expect disappointment here.

gift of naaru haste rating breakpoints (article)


  I call bullshit.

  I still feel very strongly that using two PvE trinkets in PvP is dangerous. If you and your group do it, all well and good. It remains my opinion that DPS players who are willing to sacrifice some of the base amount of resilience that PvP tiers are designed to have are ultimately taxing their healers.

  As such, in the context of comparing EMfH to the other PvP trinkets, it really is a lackluster talent.

warcraft class challenge (article)

   What a one-off post that might just bite me in the ass later. It also is a bit lame.

  Is it a commitment to no-lifership for the next two years or so? Nah, I'm actually not a big gamer by time commitment. My time played is actually fairly modest lately. When I got back from overseas the second time, I went overboard, playing 50-60+ hours a week, but now I'm at about 20-30 max. I prefer quality over quantity.

  I am serious about it though.

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  1. "I guess I should comment more prolifically?"


    Well, that's how I added your blog to my feed reader, at least. :P