Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Ramblings: Ding #5, Glyphs,

   Bleh, a second week without posting gone by.

  So my Pally is at 85 now, and at the super awkward ilevel of 351, so I'm still running old Cata heroics for 346 gear that I won't even bother gem/enchanting. It's difficult enough to be a tank, but for some reason, players in these dungeons think their gear makes them a better tank than me, just because they have more health. What ends up happening is some DK (usually a DK) pulls the next group while some undergeared/crafted pvp geared healer is at 10% mana and I'm at 10% health and unloads on only one mob, resulting in a scattered group all casters on the healer (OOM), and the other DPS scrambling around like squirrels loaded up with caffeine, trying to avoid getting hit. And it's all my fault.

  The glyph market has remained steady, and I actually had a few 5k days. Usually I pull in between 3-4k a day in sales, so about 3k profit. Some chatter in trade Alliance side clued me in that Horde still expect high glyph prices. I'm still in the Northrend Research grind, but I think I have enough recipes to chip away at this perception by barking a bit in trade while waiting for a chicken debuff to wear off. Seriously, gearing up from scratch on the less populated side sucks. I had to send a Twilight Amulet and an Elementium Earthguard over from the Ally side.

  The neutral AH is a really attractive concept to me, even with the 15% cut, since there are some markets that have large enough profit margins to handle the extra 10%. I'm thinking crafted gear of any kind, especially 397, glyphs, BoE's, hell, I even flipped a few hundred Whiptail for about 5-10g profit a stack.

  Anyway, back to glyphs. I've been buying glyphs less than 10g to keep prices up, and there's been a few glyph levelers lately, so I have a couple Inscription bags of backstock full again. For a while there, I had 4 bags full of glyphs I bought from someone for 10g each, sort of like an estate sale. I think I was being generous, since it was a guildie.

  Speaking of guildies, I sometimes switch between free-for-guildies and cost-of-mats as a policy, and I think I should stick with the second, so that I'm not taken advantage of. I made an exception for a particularly fast leveling Priest alt of an active guildie, but that's the last time. No more freebies.

  I'm not as swamped by work as I have been, so I just might have more to post within the week. I'm still needing to get Delegation done on my Priest, I have just a little bit of a Conquest grind left on my Hunter, and my newest 85 needs gear. Also, I'm almost to 300k gold.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Through a Glass, Darkly

  I finally collected enough Eternal Embers (life of a pugger) to finish off All-Seeing Eye. I've avoided learning to much about the quest chain, as I've always intended to complete it myself. I respecced to Shadow, though I considered speccing offensive Disc. That would have been too crazy, and I'm sure someone, somewhere has done it already. Anyway, I report to old dude in the Caverns of Time, something about a blind spot in time, and no port to Northrend? Come on! The place is full of Mages!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Ramblings: A Ton of Whiptail, "Polite Notes",

  That's 35,020 Whiptail. All mine, for less than 1g each. That's 1,751 stacks, or 7,004 mills worth. At 2 seconds per mill, that's about 3.5 hours of milling and 5.5 hours of crafting for an expected yield of 10,506 Blackfallow Ink. I already have 4,035 Blackfallow, and 3,646 lower level inks (not counting Shimmering), for a grand total of 18,187 ink, or 6,062 glyph's worth.

  That, ladies and gentlemen, is my nest egg.