Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Crafting Process April 2012

  Maximizing gold per hour is often the goal of AH players, and critical to this is an efficient routine. Logging in and out of alts looking for items wastes time, and sometimes material. I've written down the routine I've developed for my Alliance crafting core that reduces logins almost to 1 per character and maximizes each of my professions (except Alchemy) as much as possible in the current market.

Login Kalmali (JC/Ench)
- JC daily
- buy/prospect ore
- mail dream emeralds to Kalven
- craft PvP jewelry, mail to Kalyka (easier to post/repost there)
- cut/post rare gems
- mail common gems for transmutes along with volatiles to Kalare
- craft/disenchant remaining common gems

Login Kalare (Insc/Alch)

- transmute truegold, common gems to rare, shadowspirit
- mail transmutes to Kalmali
- post expired/extra glyphs
- buy/mill herbs
- mail old rare inks to Kalsbank
- craft/post glyphs
- cancel/relist undercut glyphs
- craft PvP relics, blue relics and off-hands, mail to Kalyka
- craft mysterious fortune cards, dust of disappearance, mail with volatiles to Kalven

Login Kalven (LW/Eng)
- craft/post fortune cookies with MFC's, DoD
- craft/post Eng. items (guns, pets, scopes)
- buy leather/hides
- craft/post bags, leg kits, PvP leather
- mail remaining bars, volatiles to Kalyka

Login Kalyka (BS/Tailor)
- post PvP relics
- buy cloth, orbs
- craft dreamcloth
- craft/post spellthreads, bags
- craft/post PvP cloth
- buy bars
- craft/post PvP plate, buckles
- craft extra bars as stormforged shoulders, mail with volatiles to Kalmali
- mail remaining misc bars to Kalven

Login Kalmali
- cut/post transmutes
- cancel/relist undercut gems
- D/E stormforged shoulders
- craft/post enchants
- cancel/relist undercut enchants

  And that's the gist of it. As you can see, volatiles make a circuitous route following crafting, ensuring efficient use. Bars go back and forth between Engineering and Blacksmithing.

  Glyphs and enchants I post for 48 hours, gear for 24 hours, gems for 12 hours. Once a day I post gems for peak hours and cancel/relist undercut glyphs and enchants as personal time allows. At least three times a week I repost gear, and once a week I craft thoroughly

  Also, surprisingly, there's not a huge bag footprint. Glyphs take up the most at 8 bag slots with 7 spare bags of different types.

  It might seem complicated and clunky, but really it's quick, simple, adaptable, easy, and clunky. My out-and-about gear and stuff fits in two bags, plus I have those extra frostweaves. My transmog and other toys fit in the last bag. Mats for what little alchemy I still do (not very profitable right now) fits in the main bank spot, while crafted items go to Kalven for posting. Basically, I try not to post anything along with glyphs, since once a day my mailbox is flooded with hundreds needing reposting. The same is true for Kalmali, as he is inundated with gems and enchants.

  As a side note, it's my intent to level my Ally Rogue and Druid to 85 in prep for MoP, also my Horde Pally, Warrior, and maybe one other (Mage?Lock?). This would give me this setup: (current)(proposed)

Herb/Mining -second guild bank?
Bank alt w/guild bank

Slowly offload alt-bank stock, maintain glyphs, ore shuffle, DMC trade, PvP gear.


Maintain glyphs, second ore shuffle, some cross-faction arbitrage.

  Leveling is fun and easy and distracts me from micro managing my auctions. I'm sure I can bring 3 50's to 85 very soon, but two fresh runs to 85 might have to catch up mid-MoP. I do need to get back into the endgame.

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