Sunday, April 29, 2012

Screenshots: LFR Fails, Skoll and Death, Stonedrake, Ghostwolf, Clownsuit, Nice Transmog

  I snapped this while in a rough start to LFR. It bugged somehow on the umpteenth wipe, and he/she(?) was just floating there waiting on the fresh influx of suckers.

  It was bad, and I mean BAD! bad. There was a Sub Rogue pulling 5k in PvP blues. All PvP blues, down to the rings and cloak. There was a Hunter doing 6k, and I called him out, saying kick Rak. Unfortunately, there was another Enhance Shammy in the raid named Rak. I did not see that, so I in effect made an ass of myself.  (My bad, Rak the Shammy). Heals were all below 10k for the whole run. Pulls were done by random DPS at the soonest possibility, so we hit all the fights with healers at half mana, tanks not at full health or even full buffs. I ran out of kicks fast. I could go on. It's a testament to how easy LFR is that a small group of people can carry so many.

  One lucky night, I found Skoll after 2 years of looking. I'm very happy, and now just one Spirit beast short. I still need Magria.

Also, I was finally able to tame Deth without interference from other players. I've twice taken him down to tameable health, only to see a player or two swoop in for the kill. I hope they enjoy their 25g grey. Anyway, it was a challenge, especially since it seems Snake Trap is not useful for this anymore. I died three times, due to disengaging off the cliff, and twice to him catching up with me. What can I say? I was bleary eyed at this point, but had to stick with it.

  I was in Netherstorm doing a few quests to finish off my Priest's Silver Threaded suit, and one of the quests gives a buff with this interesting red effect. I thought it looked pretty cool stacked with the Shadow effect.

    Someone in a random Arathi popped Army of the Dead at Blacksmith, so I knocked them back (aggroing them), and ran halfway to Stables with them in tow. We defended Blacksmith.

  This random tank in a random BC dungeon looked so silly, I had to screenshot it.

  This is a Guildmate's transmog. It looks nice, and I felt I needed to show something nice to cleanse the eyes of that previous image.

  Now I'm hungry, so I'm gonna make some pancakes.

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