Monday, April 2, 2012

SV Rotation Thoughts

  Over on BoK, Rohan gives us a first look at Ret and Holy Pally and has this to say about the Ret rotation: "Basically all non-finishers now produce Holy Power, so you can use Templar's Verdict essentially once every 4 GCDs." This sounds to me like the SV rotation, as three shots build focus and one shot spends it, though I'm sure our 1 second GCD makes ours go a lot faster.

  For the most part, the base SV rotation has stayed about the same through all of Cata: Explosive-Cobra-Cobra-Cobra, occasionally replacing one Cobra with Black Arrow or Arcane. In my experience, it was a very satisfying tempo, a simple back beat with a bit of syncopation.

  Garwulf also posted on the beta, and it looks like MoP could change SV to a multi-dotting spec. I imagine a 2-4 target fight starting with a Multi-Shot to get a full duration Serpent Sting up on all targets, Black Arrow on as many targets using as few casts as possible, then rotating through targets refreshing Serpent with Cobra using the same tempo as before, ES-CS-CS-CS, and refreshing Black Arrow every 20 seconds.

  Three key differences from the current rotation would be possible multiple casts of Black Arrow (depending on how the damage maths out), multiple Black Arrow DOT's either way, and rolling Serpent Sting on more than two targets. This is of course, wildly speculative.

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