Monday, April 9, 2012

My Transmogrifications

  I've finally finished the Overlord's set on my male Dwarf DK, though technically I cheated with the boots. I took the quest reward look-alikes. I prefer a simpler, somewhat realistic look to my characters. As an RL veteran, I think the lack of a helm is equally ridiculous to plate bikinis in principle, if not in scale. For this reason, I'm still on the look out for a Field Plate Helm.

  For some very deep nostalgia's sake, I'm going to craft a Tough Scorpid set for my male Dwarf Hunter. He's been sporting a Frostscale Binding set.

  My Female Dwarf Shammy's Enhance set is also Frostscale, and her Resto set is Nerubian Hive. They're both great sets, just getting stale. I'm not sure what to pick, but Marauder's Mail looks pretty good.

  My female Dwarf Rogue (still leveling) has the heirloom daggers transmogrified to Torturing Pokers. They're a hoot in BG's. They look especially good with Fiery Weapon and Lifestealing. Now, maybe it's jumping the gun a bit, but I put together a Righteous Garb / Frostsaber Armor set. It looks great on the Dwarf model. I have to get the shoulders over from the Horde side and level to 57 before I can take some screenshots.

  Finally, I've decided to start farming up the Absolution Regalia for my female Human Priest. BC truly was a golden age of armor design.

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