Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guide to Professions: Best For...

  "What is the best profession for my class?"

  This is the most common question I've heard from people choosing professions, and it's actually the easiest to answer. The fine folks theorycrafting on Elitist Jerks and other sites have done the math, and can answer that question definitively, so what I've done is compile that information, and condense it into a list format.  I provide links for further information, and just a bit of explanation where I believe necessary.


Leatherworking - 710 Stamina (750 from Fur Lining minus 40 from Major Stamina). "750 Stamina is the same item budget as 1000 Mastery so even once you subtract the 170 [Mastery] you still end up at 830" - EJ.

Blacksmithing - 480 Stamina or 640 Mastery, Dodge, or Parry.
Jewelcrafting - 480 Stamina or 320 Mastery, Dodge, or Parry from 2 JC gems.
Alchemy - 480 Stamina from Mixology + Flask of the Earth.
Enchanting - 480 Stamina from 2x Enchant Ring - Greater Stamina. (Tooltip bugged to say 160 each, is 240.)
Mining - 480 Stamina from Toughness.

Inscription -  450 Stamina from Secret Ox Horn Inscription.
Engineering - 480 Dodge averaged. Phase Fingers gives 2880 Dodge for 10sec, 60sec cooldown.

  I list Engineering lower because of Dodge's greater diminishing returns compared to Parry. For all tanks other than Druids, it is not one of the best options, but is still good. For Druids, the Parry/Dodge comparison is irrelevant, but Dodge still competes with both Stamina and Mastery.

   Druid tanks may choose to stack Agility as it "Increases your Attack Power (threat), Dodge (survivability), and Crit Chance (threat + survivability)." - noxxic. Similarly for Monks, "Attack Power improves the mitigation of Guard and Crit increases the uptime of Brewing: Elusive Brew."- noxxic. In that case, follow the Agility options in the next section.

Strength/Agility DPS

Leatherworking - 330 Strength or Agility. (500 from Fur Lining minus 170 Strength or Agility enchants.)

Engineering - 320 averaged. Synapse Springs gives 1920 Agi for 10sec, 60sec cooldown.
Blacksmithing - 320 Strength or Agility.
Alchemy - 320 Str/Agi from Mixology + Flask of Winter's Bite or Flask of Spring Blossoms.
Enchanting - 320 Str/Agi from 2x Enchant Ring - Greater Strength or Enchant Ring - Greater Agility.
Jewelcrafting - 320 Strength or Agility.
Inscription - 320 Str/Agi from Secret Tiger Fang Inscription or Secret Tiger Claw Inscription.

Herbalism - 480 Haste average. Lifeblood gives 2880 Haste for 20sec every 120sec.
Tailoring -  1,000 AP average. Swordguard Embroidery procs for 4,000 AP for 15sec every 60sec. Does not stack with 180 Crit or Hit enchants.
Skinning - 480 Crit from Master of Anatomy.

Intellect DPS/Healers

Leatherworking - 330 Intellect (500 from Fur Lining minus 170 Intellect enchant.)

Engineering - 320 averaged. Synapse Springs gives 1920 Intellect for 10sec, 60sec cooldown.
Blacksmithing - 320 Intellect.
Alchemy - 320 Intellect from Mixology + Flask of the Warm Sun.
Enchanting - 320 Intellect from 2x Enchant Ring - Greater Intellect.
Jewelcrafting - 320 Intellect.
Inscription - 320 Intellect from Secret Crane Wing Inscription.
Tailoring - 320 Intellect average (500 minus 180 Intellect enchant.) Lightweave Embroidery procs 2,000 Intellect for 15sec every 60sec.

Herbalism - 480 Haste average. Lifeblood gives 2880 Haste for 20sec every 120sec. The self heal is 15-17k (125-141.7 HPS average).
Skinning - 480 Crit from Master of Anatomy.

Healers (Spirit Options)

Tailoring - 900 Spirit average. Darkglow Embroidery procs 3,000 Spirit for 15sec every 50sec. Does not stack with 180 Intellect enchant.

Blacksmithing - 640 Spirit.

Alchemy - 320 Spirit from Mixology + Flask of Falling Leaves.
Jewelcrafting - 320 Spirit.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ink Trader

17 days into the new expansion, and still no new ink trade. This is ridiculous.

I can understand the vendors trading Blackfallow during the pre-patch, even though that was a change from previous expansions. I had stocked up on low-level inks to prepare for stocks running out during that time, but it didn't happen. That's fine. I didn't loose profit on it, just got delayed. Glyphs will sell eventually.

What I don't understand is why Blackfallow is still the trade in currency now, for over two weeks past release.

I've always taken the changes to the game in stride, since change cannot be resisted very much. Off the top of my head, I can think of Frostheim's petition to Ghostcrawler to maintain Hunter pet's uncritability going into Cata, Aspects going back off the GCD, and Zehera's frequent feedback on the forums, particularly the issue of using Explosive Trap vs. Black Arrow. Sometimes Blizzard does change it's plans based on feedback.

  "Beginning after the maintenance on Tuesday, October 9, ink traders will be converting from accepting Blackfallow Ink to accepting Ink of Dreams and Starlight Ink will become available for purchase. If you’re still holding on to your Blackfallow Ink, your time to trade it in is running short." - source

It is apparent that Blizzard is aware of the issue, has plans to change it, and did not intend to extend the Blackfallow trade in past Tuesday. The design intent is clear, and I'll be patient as they solve the technical issues preventing them from making the change. I think everyone should be.

However, I still think it's ridiculous that Blackfallow is the trade in currency for any amount of time in Mists. It just doesn't make sense.

P.S. I do not think this is a "Slap in the face" or any such nonsense. It's just one of the most aggravating experiences I've had in WoW. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ding Level 90 #1

  My Rogue is the first to be leveled, and I'm starting on the Tillers rep grind. I'll do the Direbrew event and I turned in the Claw for the epic boots, but I'm probably not going to focus on progressing this character right away. I really only leveled this character first to get Motes of Harmony farming ASAP. Likewise, my Priest is my next focus, my Pally next.

  I've found that simply questing yields a fantastic amount of XP, along with a bit of gold and some fun items. The gear stays current enough that I bought very few pieces of adventuring gear. On my Rogue I went north from Valley of the 4 Winds through Kun-Lai into Townlong, completing every quest. Doing so, along with a bit of gathering, got me to ding early in Dread Wastes. I'm sure I'll finish the zone eventually, for the rep or the gold or just out of a sense of completionism, but it's officially backburnered and my Rogue is now primarily a crafting alt.

  I'll level my Priest next, since it's the next character that I want to farm Harmony with, and I'm planning on sticking with dungeons. I expect to need more of that adventuring gear.