Monday, January 16, 2012

Rethinking the Human Racial

Creepy, or really creepy?

  Every Man for Himself is considered the best racial ability. Maybe, but it isn't simply a free trinket. Consider it an extra trinket effect.

  For example, my Priest has an Insignia of Dominance and Badge of Dominance, since I don't need a Medallion of Tenacity. The base resilience is the same on all trinkets, so disregard it. What the Human racial really is for me is an extra spell power buff. Let's see how it stacks up with the other throughput increasing racials:

  • Insignia (390) -1287 spell power for 20 seconds, 25% proc rate, 45 second internal cool down. (I see procs at 56 seconds most often)
  • Badge (390) - On-use 2029 spell power for 20 seconds, 2 minute cool down.
  • Gift of the Naaru (Draenei) - Heal 20% of target's health over 15 seconds. Does not trigger GCD.
  • Viciousness (Worgen) - 1% crit (179.28 crit rating).
  • Berserking (Troll) - 20% cast speed for 10 seconds, 3 minute cool down.
  • Time is Money (Goblin) - 1% haste (128.03 haste rating).
  Here are two situations to consider: Burst healing, such as defending the flag carrier, and sustained throughput, such as at a contested flag in Gilneas.

  1. Suppose a Disc Priest has the length of Hero/Bloodlust (40 seconds) to keep the flag carrier alive:
  • Insignia - 0.34% HPS (32.175 SP/sec)
  • Badge - 0.54% HPS (50.725 SP/sec)
  • Gift of the Naaru - Assuming a target health of 200k, 1,000 HPS.
  • Viciousness - 1.15% HPS
  • Berserking - 0.55% HPS
  • Time is Money - 1.1% HPS
  The trinkets suck. Berserking is terrible over this time frame, though it would be equal to Time is Money at 20 seconds. Viciousness barely edges out Time is Money. Gift of the Naaru blows the others out of the water.

  2. Suppose instead you had a sustained effort long enough to consider each ability perfectly averaged within it's own time frame:
  • Insignia - 0.25% HPS (22.98 SP/sec)
  • Badge - 0.18% HPS (16.91 SP/sec)
  • Gift of the Naaru - 222.22 HPS
  • Viciousness - 1.15% HPS
  • Berserking - 1.1% HPS
  • Time is Money - 1.1% HPS
  The trinkets suck worse. Berserking averages close enough to Time is Money, but technically it's a casting speed buff, not haste. The break point for Gift of Naaru to equal Viciousness when averaged is at 19,323 HPS.

Tell 'em, Bolvar

  I used Elitist Jerks stat weights for comparison. I did not take efficiency, mana regen, or other utility into account, as those are apples and oranges comparisons. Unless I'm totally missing something, Humans fail and Draenei win. With a tail.

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