Monday, April 16, 2012

Rolecall: April 2012

  I deleted my 55 Worgen Druid, which is now the highest level of character I have deleted, other than DK's. I didn't really feel invested in the character, though I did log about 50 hours on it. It occurred to me to faction change, but I think it's too expensive. If it were $10-15, then I would have. $30? Nah, I'll just reroll.

  To a Tauren Druid. I like Tauren. Besides, since I rolled new Mage and Warlock Dwarves, and my Shaman, Hunter, and Priest are all already Alliance, my Horde side needed some ranged.

  So to help me sort of solidify my character planning and progress, I'm going to write up a snapshot of where I'm at today, so without further ado, my characters:


Dwarf Hunter
382 PvE, 393 PvP 
Knight, Crusader, Explorer, Brewmaster
Leatherworking, Engineering, Cooking
My main, and the strongest part of my identity as a player. I play all specs, in both PvP and PvE (but not SV PvP). I've lately been focused on Rated Battlegrounds as Beastmaster, and keep a Survival spec for randoms and BH runs.


Human Priest
379 PvE, 396 PvP
Inscription, Alchemy
My first alt, much neglected all of Wrath, and finally leveled to the top in Cata. She quickly became my most played character, as healers are in high demand, and my involvement in the Inscription markets really took off. I do the occasional 2's for points, but mostly Rated Battlegrounds as Discipline. I used to raid a lot in BRD, BT and FL as either Disc or Holy. I very occasionally try Shadow in PvE or PvP, and though I really like PvE Shadow, I rarely get much of a chance. What can I say? Priests R 4 healz.


Dwarf Shaman
379 PvE, 382 PvP
Blacksmithing, Tailoring
I rolled a Dwarf Shammy in Nov 2010, but damn did I take my time leveling. I didn't ding 85 until Oct 2011. I've done a lot of dungeons and a few random battlegrounds as both Enhancement and Restoration, but recently rerolled Elemental and started on the Honor grind. I might get into RBG's eventually.


Dwarf Death Knight
378 PvE, 380 PvP
Jewelcrafting, Enchanting
I was on again, off again with DK's all through Wrath, but in Apr 2011, I rolled one that I took high enough for professions, only dinging 85 last Jan. I got a lot of XP from JC dailies.


Dwarf Rogue
Level 55
Originally intended to be leveled along with Kalyka, (Hence the similar names) I ended up vastly more interested in the Enhance playstyle. I have been doing random battlegrounds with her from time to time, and lately did a push through a lot of dungeons. I intend to level Mining and Skinning, so that I can smelt ore to bars, and also chase down less common hides and leathers.


Dwarf Warlock
Level 6
Bank alt


Dwarf Mage
Level 1
Bank alt
I had been debating the various non-Tauren races, and between Mage and Warlock on the Horde side, until the natural solution became apparent: Dwarves. While they are very much the last on my priority, I do intend to not just ding 90 in Mists, but also play the classes well in the endgame. For now though, they are bank alts.


Tauren Paladin
Level 55
Paladin was one of the classes I've always felt neutral about, but when I finally got one to mid-40's, I found that Pally tanking is really fun. I've been slowly grinding my way through the levels in LFD, usually just using up whatever blue bar I have. My latest motivation to level has been to unlock Northrend Research, so that I can further get my foot in the door of the Horde glyph market. I intend to level Alchemy after hitting the cap to begin duplicating my Alliance profession structure.


Tauren Warrior
Level 19
I'll be leveling through random battlegrounds as Arms, with the occasional LFD tanking run early in the brackets. Warrior has always been one of my favorite classes, but apparently not favorite enough. I've deleted several from the 30-40's. This one's a keeper for sure, though.


Tauren Druid
Level 6
My newest, and I will probably level him at about the same rate as my Pally, just a bit behind. I look forward to having the two most flexible classes at the top. I'll probably go with Balance/Resto while leveling this time.

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