Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Transmogrification and Shammy PvP

  That's a Dark Vessel Breastplate, Tablet Bearer's Pauldrons, and Legguards of Caution, all from a few quests in the Hinterlands, Swamp Vest Gauntlets from a quest in Dustwallow Marsh, and my old Frostscale Belt and Boots. I left the Vicious Embersilk Cape as is, and have a Stylish Blue Shirt underneath. It took me awhile to find a decent helm, and I finally settled for Flesh Handler's Headpiece, from a quest in Netherstorm. Quite by coincidence (or subconscious association) it's the same helm Dagla Hammerbeak has.

  Overall, it has a strongly Stormwind look to it with all the blue. It also animates very well. The shoulders are precisely the type I like best in the game, as I prefer armor I might actually wear in combat. If there were a blue version of something like Homestead Helm, I would have gone for that, but then I would look to plain. I prefer plain looks, and if not clunky, at least not overly stylistic. In this case, the only obviously Shamanistic piece is the helm, and even then it's subdued enough to blend with the rest.

Unleash Elements is one of the coolest looking casts in the game!

  I dropped my Resto spec for a Elemental PvP spec and hit up some randoms and a couple of TB's.  One of the benefits of having all professions runnning is being able to gear up an alt with just a few canceled auctions. I've picked up 3 Ruthless so far, and I'll definitely be replacing every crafted piece before I hit Rated BG's or Arena. The grind isn't so bad, and it's all part of learning a new way to play.

  My first impression is that the rotation feels nice (Fire Totem>UE/Flame Shock>Lava Burst>7-9 stack Earth Shock>Lightning Bolt). In my head it sounds like "Totems down, dot up, Burst, bolt, bolt, bolt, Burst, bolt, Proc, bolt, Burst... etc. Between Lava Surge and Rolling Thunder, it's going to take me some time to get used to the random nature of the rotation.

  I love to hit melee with Frost Shock/Unleash Frost. I also really like knocking back DK's who grip me, Warriors who Leap on me, etc.

  I especially like this:

  Now, before anyone starts calling me a noob for fighting in the middle, I am fully aware that 3 cap>flag. As you can see, this group did not defend crap, so I just got in on some extra honor and had fun while I was at it.

  I really need to clean up my UI. It's starting to look like the pile of laundry that takes up half my bed.

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