Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Ramblings: Crappy BC Dungeons, NIR Begins, The Auction House is Like Fishing

  Dinged 65 on my Pally, and I'm so glad to now be taking a break from tanking or healing BC dungeons. I don't know what happens to players at this level. Shaman and Druids knockback mobs into other packs with abandon, DK's grip on cooldown, and non-DK tanks take their non-DK status as a pass to tank in DPS gear within fearing range of three other packs, berate the DPS for "Running into the other groups" (feared), berate the healer for going OOM (4 packs on a squishy tank), and demand a rez since they can't find the entrance. I switched to tanking mode and finished the dungeon with the DPS, while self healing. Pallys are OP. Warriors tanking in agility/haste gear can lay dead on the floor, for all the use they are.

NIR Day #1

  I felt a strange sense of relief that I can now mill for Blackfallow Ink. I like Inscription. Crappy players cannot stop me from milling away for hours, crafting up bags full of glyphs for sale. It's peaceful, almost like fishing.

  Being able to buy the cheaper Cinderbloom and Stormvine to trade down will go a long way toward reducing the cost of mats on my Horde-side glyph crafting. I can't mill Whiptail yet unfortunately. I need to level to 75 before I can do that. I've been saving up any under 5g/ink anyway, so when the time comes I can spend a lazy afternoon watching TV and mill away.

  I've been stockpiling Blackfallow on the Ally side as well. I'll trade them down after we get more info on the new glyph spread. I aim to enter MoP with a large stockpile of lower-level inks, so that any newer inks can be traded for MoP-Inferno. I intend to invest heavily into the Darkmoon Card market this go around. I was a bit late into the game last time, and even then it was just to use up Inferno Ink. Hopefully the tanking trinket doesn't suck.

  But for now, I just mill a little here, a little there, stashing extras away (Except Shimmering, bleh). I'm still selling enough PvP gear to get a decent turnover, especially strength plate and caster cloth. I also sell Fortune Cookies almost as fast as I can make them.

  It's like I'm casting out a bunch of fishing lines, except I don't have to monitor them or reel them in, they just catch a bit of gold or drop out of the mailbox into my bags to get thrown into the AH pond again.

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