Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PvP Progress: First Round of 3's

  My first round of 3's started off with a win! Thanks to a couple of Guildmates, I've had a great initial experience. One of them was in PvE, and I'm not gonna name any names (cough, high deeps, cough), but luckily not many opponents caught on. We were alternately steamrolling, or being steamrolled.

  I think I need to pay more attention to positioning, since I missed a few fearing opportunities against enemy healers.

  I also have found predicting incoming damage to be nearly impossible. I think learning more about DPS cooldowns and their visual/audial indicators will help there.

  I was very surprised just how many melee seem to not know what an interrupt is. Not complaining, just stating an observation. I had so many Rogues, Kitties, Warriors, even a Pally, just chopping away at me without doing much damage, and letting me freecast on my teammates.

  A good Warlock is the devil, and a good Rogue paired with that Lock is the spawn of the devil.

  I think I'm going to move my raid/party frames back to the left. having them right next to enemy frames is too much clutter in one place. Also, I think I need more clear space in the middle for arena, so I'm going to make player, focus, and target frames thinner.

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