Sunday, January 1, 2012


  I really liked GarUI, but didn't get the hang of the whole thing, so I scrapped some of it and instead drew on it's format and used addons more familiar to me. Reflux, in particular, was amazing for it's profile saving.

Sleek, but unfamiliar. 

 The Datsun is back.

  I tried to get used to Bartender, but switched back to Dominos. I just prefer it. I also switched back from Prat to Chatter. SUF has been one of my favorites for a long time now, so of course I stuck with it, just with a few tweaks. TipTac and SLDataText I changed up a bit. OmniCC, Chinchilla, AzCastbars, RangeDisplay, and TidyPlates stayed the same. Overall, I returned to a brighter, bolder, albeit chunkier appearance.

  A few addons not in GarUI that I brought back in are BattlegroundTargets, DispelBorder, and RaidChecklist. I removed MSBT, Recount, Omen, and PowerAuras. I'm going to try Skada again or another alternative to Recount.

  I haven't set up Raven yet. I added WeakAuras, so I'll set those two up in concert.

  Masque and kgPanels look nice, but I don't think I can use cosmetic addons. I'm getting crappy framerates, especially when stacking up in LFR. This has killed my motivation to get in DS proper. I have no other programs running and all settings turned down, so I think it's my crappy computer.

Also, Happy New Year.


  1. Happy New Year! Sorry GarUI didn't work out completely.

  2. Maybe not completely, but the adding a side bar and Reflux fundamentally changed my UI for the better.