Saturday, January 28, 2012

New UI Format

  Had a lot of fun in rated's tonight. We got off to a bad start, but turned it around for a few good wins.

  But really I just want to showcase my UI setup:

  I'll start at the tooltip Shadow Protection and go counter-clockwise.
  TipTac is a snazzy addon full of good information with just a mouseover. I like having this in my peripheral vision, just above my raid frames.

  Changing my raid frames to emulate BattlegroundTargets' format was a natural step for me. I like a bar, not a square. I can't easily estimate the rate of incoming damage on a 40x40 square, but on a long, thin square, I can easily see if a person is taking slow, fast, bursty, or gradual damage. Moving them to the left side is a bit of a switch, but it won't take long to get used to again. The right side of my screen was just way to crowded. The main drawback I've run across (and the reason I moved them to the right in the first place) is extra mouse travel. I'm going to play around with this a bit.

  To the right of each player's bar is the corresponding Decursive square. I know there's other ways to address dispels and cleanses, but this is the way I've handled them for over two years now.

  The major lack of info I've been having, though, is seeing who all has my Renew, PW: Shield, or Weakened Soul on them all at once. I'm going to download Grid again or something like it. I've used a lot of raid frames, but always appreciated SUF's simplicity.

  I switched back to Chatter. The default chat is just too clunky.

  I reformatted my bars to my old style. I just didn't end up liking side bars. I do like to keep bags and the menu available. It's not too much clutter, and I need those bag buttons to swap out with.

  The left side of my bars is set up to mimic my keyboard. I organize them in 4 rows. 'ss' is shift+space,'cs' is ctrl+spac.These two are stuck there, partly to show me at a glance if I'm in Inner Will or Inner Fire, or whatever is bound there, but mostly to fill what would be a blank spot.
  [`]    [F1][F2][F3][F4]  [F5]
  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]
    [q][ss]   [e]   [r]   [t]  [f]  [g]
    [q][cs]   [e]   [r]   [t]  [f]  [g] <all shift+

  To me this makes a natural sense. To the right I have my mouse keybinds. I use mouse wheel click, scroll up, and scroll down, each also with shift and ctrl. I also have shift and ctrl z,x,and c for additional keybinds when necessary. On my Hunter, they're my pet binds; on my Shammy, select totems; on my Pally, auras. On my priest, hell yeah I have cake and water keybound. Gotta fill up fast in a BG.

  I moved my map in closer to my bars. It's well within my peripheral now, so I don't have to look directly at it quite as much.

  The recount window is supposed to be set to Damage Taken for current fight, but really, it's not a very necessary window to have open in a BG. In PvE, it stays open set to Threat. The odd space to the right of it bugs me. I'm going to bring the 3x4 bar just above it down to fill it. That is my buffs, mount, rez, and profs bar, and I changed it to fade out until moused over. I never gave this mechanic a try before. So far, I like it.

   Battleground Targets is a must-have for battlegrounds. If you don't have it, get it. This is also where Gladius and boss frames go. 

  Moving my raid frmaes to the left displaced DBM back to the right. I think it fits well above my "things that need to die" area.

  In the top right I have Raven for buffs greater then 2 min and debuffs. Buffs less than 2 min are above my frame in the center, as well as buffs and debuffs I put on the target above the targets frame.

  In the center, you can see TidyPlates at work. See the one person at 93%? No one at 100% has that text, but I can still see their nameplates. This helps me quickly see where friendly targets are and who needs how much healing. I've gotten in the habit of selecting my targets using those nameplates, either by targeting, or quickly mousing over them. I've found this to be a superior method.

  Not visible are my castbars, which are just below the unit frames. I also have LoseControl to tell me the type and duration of CC used on me.

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