Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Ramblings: Horde Alts, Rares, Heirlooms

  I've tried rolling alts on other servers, and there's a certain challenge to starting fresh, no heirlooms, bags, or extra gold. A while ago, I leveled a Blood Elf Mage to 20 and a Tauren Warrior to 17, and made about 300g. I'd say it was a successful bootstrapping. I deleted them, however, since I just wasn't feeling it.

  Just yesterday, I started a female Tauren Paladin and male Blood Elf Mage, and got to 13 on the Pally before I realized that the names I picked out, Kalonika (beautiful victory) and Kallahan (bright-headed, lover of churches), were backwards in style. So I deleted them both, re-rolled a male Tauren Pally (Kallahan) and female Troll Mage (Kalonika). Besides, I really couldn't get into playing a male Blood Elf, even with the awesome dance.

    Anyway, while I was leveling, I killed Arra'chea, Mazzranache, The Rake, Sister Hatelash, and Ghost Howl. Rares aren't really that rare anymore, but it's a nice XP boost. I also killed a bunch of kodos 4 levels above me. Didn't even heal myself once the whole time. Of course, I was wearing full heirlooms with enchants.

  But that's just it, heirlooms are making the game way to easy. Or is it that I don't make so many newbie mistakes? Maybe, but another disadvantage heirlooms have is that I don't care about any gear upgrades other than shields.

    Questgiver: "You have my eternal thanks. Choose your reward from among these weapons. They have served my family for generations, and I would be honored if..."

    Player (Interrupting): "Oh, I'll take the two-hander, I can vendor that for more."

  Now, since not every quest in the game can give useful loot, there's going to be some of that going on anyway, but with so many gear slots filled with heirlooms, especially the high-profile ones, weapon, helm, shoulders, and cloak, there's little reason to be interested in quest rewards anymore.

  Getting loot is one of the driving forces behind advancing in this game. I used to think I didn't care very much about gear, but then I actually rage-quit the guild I'm in now over a missed message. (This was awhile ago, before I knew they were cool people.) I had turned off loot info, since I do a lot of AH posting and reposting and reposting etc. and I didn't see that I had received a piece of gear from BH. If I remember it right, there was no roll or discussion. From my point of view, it had just disappeared. So I gquit and swore off ever being in a guild again (most of them do suck). Then I saw the piece in my bag and knew I would have to eat crow. (Thanks for the understanding, Eph) More importantly, I knew then that I really do care about gear. And in retrospect, why shouldn't I?

  It also felt really great being in a group that knows who needs the gear most and just gives it to them. Eutopia was like that, and I had a great time in ICC with them. Man I really miss those guys. Here's to you Hommie. /misdirect

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