Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trying out GarUI

  I revamped my UI using Gar UI as a base. My old UI looked crappy, and I started getting critical errors. I can't stand those. Besides, it looked like crap. It worked well, but was about as sleek as Dastun station wagon.
Old and Busted

  I had been using SexyMap to keep the map in the bottom right, but at the time I took that screenshot, some of my addons were turned off. Next time I revamp my UI, I'll remember to take better before shots.

New Hotness

  The first major change was reverting from Bartender back to Dominos. I find it easier to configure, and the end result looks the same anyway. After seeing the side bar on GarUI and the default UI, I figured I'd give it a try. The bottom of my old one was getting clunky with to many bars in one place.(*Edit, I switched back to Bartender. They're about the same, really.)

GarUI's AzCastBar replaced Castbars. AzCastBars looks more customizable.

Bagnon is new to me. I never used any bag addon before, and I find the customization convenient.

I was using Prat, GarUI uses Chatter. I'm hard pressed to find a difference. Same with Chinchilla and SexyMap.

I've always thought of kgPanels as a "fluff" kind of addon, but it really does contribute to the clean cut look.

  The way GarUI has player and target frames set up is similar in concept to what I already had, but it looks better and is place closer to the middle. I definitely like this change. The party frames may get cut, but the raid frames replace the default UI nicely. I'm going to try scaling them up on my Priest and Shammy for healing.

MSBT used to cause me performance issues, so if that starts happening again, it's probably the first to go.

TipTac, TidyPlates, and Recount were already present, but look and act smoother now.

Power Auras and Range Display are an addons that I used to use in Wrath, but never picked back up in Cata. I think now that I've started PvP, they will help a lot there.

SLDataText is something I've been meaning to try. I like it so far.

Tekticles is ok. I never thought to standardize all the font on my screen, but I think it's cool now that I see it.

GoGoMount looks fun. I haven't tried it yet.(*Edit, the novelty is wearing off fast.)

Gatherer will likely remain unused. I don't like gathering.

OmniCC, Postal, SellJunk, NPCScan, and Auctionater I already had.

  I put BadBoy, GTFO, Minimap Button Frame, DBM, and TSM back in. That last one I set up and jumped back into the glyph market. I haven't crafted in a while. Hardly a minute after posting old stock, I get a polite note in the mail requesting me to set my prices higher. Screw that, I prefer a low price/high volume approach to selling glyphs, and no, I don't care if I get undercut. They will sell.

Fun Fact: It takes 59:00 to craft 1420 of these.

  But hey, if people want to post glyphs for 250g when it costs 25g at most to make, they risk heavy undercutting.

  All in all, I'm very impress with GarUI, specifically because it's out-of-the box setup has a professional polish that engenders a certain confidence in it's use. It also has nuanced functions that my old UI lacked, particularly SLData. I usually abandon new UI's within a day and go back to my hodgepodge, but I think this one will stick.


  1. Looks hotter than the cheeks of the healer I just Misdirected at.

  2. Ha! I've done that exactly twice. I'm going to have to post those stories next.