Friday, January 20, 2012

Professions: Starting Inscription from Scratch

  Inscription is primarily the business of crafting glyphs. Sure, there's some other cool stuff, but glyphs are the steady money maker. A unique advantage to this profession is it's low-level payoff potential. All of the other crafting professions must be leveled to current content before any real amount of returns can be made, but glyphs that sell for over 100g can be crafted as low as level 10. So, while crafting is mostly regarded as a max-level activity, profiting from glyphs can be done while leveling.

  The first thing you'll need to do is train Herbalism. You don't have to keep it, as you only need to gather enough low level herbs (Earthroot, Peacebloom, Silverleaf) to get to 70 Inscription. Keep any extra Moonglow Ink for Minor Inscription Research.

  After that, there are two routes to take: leveling through the AH, or leveling paired with Herbalism. If you like gathering, cool, but I think you're weird. If you don't, then the more starter capital you have, the sooner you can drop Herbalism at this point completely. You don't need it.

  Do you have Auctionator, or something like it? If not, get it. Under the Buy tab, run a Full Scan (red button, top right). Then make new shopping lists for each ink that include the ink, it's pigment, and each herb it can be milled from. Then select Search for All Items.

  This allows you to see at a glance how many inks you can make using the AH and for how much. Also keep tabs on how much Blackfallow Ink costs. You can trade it for any kind of ink, but it will likely be expensive and in short supply (outdated). Now you can start making glyphs.

  Some glyphs give 3 skill ups per crafting in a 5 level window. Craft one of these at a time, paying attention to make glyphs that are as profitable as possible.

  Once a few glyphs have sold, you can start keeping 1-2 of each glyph on the AH. For this I recommend TradeSkillMaster and it's associated modules. A good way to get it setup is by following WoW Insider's Basic TSM guide.

  Once you are done with that, you have all the tools necessary to gradually level your Inscription, while continually raising capital through sales. Remember to run a full scan with Auctionator once or twice a day to get a backlog of data. Also, don't forget the daily Minor Inscription Research!

  Just a quick tip: AH camping is a waste of time. If someone undercuts you by a copper just after you post, then perhaps heavy undercutting will either discourage the camper from undercutting, or at least increase the chances your glyphs also sell after theirs do.

  As a small aside, a person who makes glyphs is not a Scribe or Inscriptionist, but an Inscriber. I don't think it will ever catch on, though.

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