Monday, January 16, 2012

PvP Progress: Not Much, but Good

  I did some rateds the other night on my Priest, and a few last night on my Hunter. I got enough to cap the first, but not enough to significantly affect the ranking of either. The competition got an earlier start than us, so it feels like playing catch-up. Honestly, though, since no one on the server has even reached 2k this season yet, it's way to early to call.

  It seems my Priest is needed more often. I really like PvP as a healer, even though it's like having a "Kick Me" sign taped to my back. Priests in particular are fairly resilient compared to Shaman or Druids, and can put out some serious throughput and cool downs. In PvE, I chafe at the idea of class-stacking, or denying entry based on spec. (A good BM Hunter does better DPS than a mediocre Fire Mage) PvP seems to still have class/spec issues. I think Mists will alleviate with the new talent trees, as the various specs within a class will have access to that classes major utility abilities. (Yay, baseline Readiness and Silencing Shot!)

  But 5.0 is months away. This season, I have a Priest and Hunter ready to go. Maybe a Shaman, but I think if I do any PvP on my Shaman, (Female Dwarf, what else?) it will be arena, probably as Enhance. I went up against an Enhance Shammy while on my Priest in 2's that stuck to me like glue. He gave me lot's of practice dodging interrupts, but curiously used Feral Spirit on cool down, but always when Psychic Scream was up.

  I'm debating doing the honor grind a fourth time to kit my soon-to-be new 85, a DK. I have very little BG experience as melee, much less FC, but I did almost get Ironman last week in a random. My DK has been leveling as Blood almost exclusively through dungeons and JC dailies. I hate dailies. If I want to tank endgame, though, I need a better graphics card. I'm playing on a GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, so even with all settings turned down, my FPS drops whenever I stack up. This is one of the major reasons I can't raid.

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