Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Ramblings: Memes, LFR, Crafting

  I like Memebase. I made that one awhile back, but it doesn't have a very wide appeal. However, if you have kids and the Worst Toy Ever, have a laugh.

Looking For Retard, as they say.

  Everyone has their opinion about the new LFR feature, with a few bold souls unabashedly loving it, others hipstercritically lampooning it. A few have actual complaints. I think it has a sort of Rorschach quality to it, in that opinions expressed of it reveal a bit of the expresser. Personally, I see it simply as a logical continuation of LFD.

  I do have a few objections, though:

  1.   I observe that many players consider LFR "pre-raid', and naturally, a necessary part of the gearing up grind. Pre-raid gearing has historically (well, Wrath and Cata) been a badge/points, VOA/BH and new dungeon drop grind. Currently, Valor Gear alternatives to tier set gear are devalued compared to the lower ilevel raid finder tier set, and the new dungeons are bypassed just as soon as the LFR ilevel requirement can be met. I believe this is bad design. More on this at a later date.
  2.   It's way to easy and way to hard. To much dancing and not enough performance tests. Greedy Goblin explains the problem with dance fights well. LFR is not the place for such small margins of error. However, DPS below the tank and AFK healers should not be able to be carried.
  3.   25 players is just to many. I think Blizzard missed the opportunity to test 15 player raids.
  4.   Calling the underperformers in LFR retarded is an insult to the retarded.

Farmers make this all possible.

  I've spent most of my playtime the last few days focused on the AH. Out of about 40k gold invested, I've got 30k back already. I have one of every crafting profession, and I like to keep my fingers in every pie. (Heh, pie) I hate gathering though, so my Rogue alt (stuck at 50) is the only one with one. I want to try out Lifeblood with Synapse Springs.

  Anyway, I dabble in a many markets, but focus most of my efforts on glyphs and the ore shuffle. Sometimes I accrue enough Inferno Inks for a few DMC trinkets, and they still sell for over 10K. Other than that, I'm just exploring other avenues of profit.

  A nice bonus to having all crafting professions is being able to make just about anything I need. I always have the cheapest source of shards and essences. I craft leveling gear for my alts on the cheap. I have every glyph, every enchant, every gem. I make all my own food, flasks, and potions.

  A major disadvantage to not having any gathering professions maxed is not having enough Blackened Dragonscales and being unable to smelt ore.

  As an aside, shouldn't Dwarves have Blacksmithing and/or Mining as a racial bonus?

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