Saturday, July 21, 2012

Warcraft Wealth, Interview 3

  My third interview I took off-realm, as I'm now getting into the amounts where I might come across serious competitors. Surprisingly, my interviewee would not be an AH competitor at all. Karjash from Forge Camp Sunshine in the Alliance side of Scarlet Crusade replied:

  His method of gold making seems a bit unusual to an AH centric gold maker like me, though it obviously works for him and sounds like a load of fun. Looking him up on wowheroes shows that he knows how to gear, and I suspect he could run circles around me in Sunwell.

  His priority is still not gold making for the sake of it, but in order to acquire other things, mounts and pets in this case. Again we see self-reliance in terms of professions.

  Vial and other big purchases are still measured decisions, but we have now reached the level of wealth where fast flying is not considered a serious expense.

  We have also reached the point where dailies are not viewed as good gold per hour.

  He does not see a great difference between having 20k gold and 100k, so there's a streak of confidence to how he makes his gold. 4k gold, however, would be an unacceptable amount to run on, considering the price of his goals.

  Yet again, we have a player very satisfied with the amount of gold he has, but with an added drive to earn more.


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    1. Want to be #6? You see the questions and musings I have.

      I'm still looking for someone just above cap for #5, but no luck "cold-calling" so to speak. I'm trolling forums this evening in hopes of finding someone who has capped recently.