Saturday, July 21, 2012

Warcraft Wealth, Interview 1

  My reply to the reply to my last post inspired me to interview some players about how much gold they have and what their gameplay is like. I posted in Alliance trade chat looking for some one who has not had 4k gold, and Viirus from Avenging Pandas was my first response.

  I think the most noticeable attribute that Viirus displays is general happiness. They seem very satisfied with the way they play the game. I didn't say anything about paying for time, so they probably enjoyed the interview just for the sake of it. p.s. I am always enlivened by this kind of attitude, which plays counterpoint to myself. I'm a techie by training and experience, so many things often devolve into serious business for me.

 I was expecting dailies to be the main source of gold for a person in this range, but was surprised that they are also motivated to do dungeons for the gold. The unleveled profession was also an indicator of a casual attitude towards gold income, but it seems to not be a big deal at all.

  I did not expect Viirus to be gemmed, enchanted, and reforged perfectly, but a quick peek on wowheroes shows that they are certainly not a noob about it. All gem slots are filled near perfectly (2 blues where purples could go, not bad), 7/11 enchant slots are filled, and with BiS enchants. Looking at their reforging shows an overload of hit/spirit, but also some reforging into haste, so they at least know their best stat. I'd happily take this person on an alt run to see how they do.

  One fact that I was searching for is whether fast-flying's price is too cost-prohibitive, and it looks like it is. It does not appear to bother this player at all, but the number of players in the more casual guilds I have been in that ask for loans, or even free gold for fast-flying means that plenty of players are off-put by the expense.

  In conclusion, I think that there are no true have-nots in WoW, just players who don't participate in the gold-making part of the game.

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