Saturday, July 21, 2012

Warcraft Wealth, Interview 2

  For my second interview, I asked for someone who has had more than 10k gold, but not more than 40k. Shockabrah from Knights of the Shadows answered:

   Sure he seems a bit cocky at the start, but that's to be expected from someone who is likely some kind of "bro". I feel safe assuming the male pronoun in this case.

  He's got a main profession that must be doing well (we've undercut each other), and seems satisfied with the amount he has. Gold making is a concern of his, but not his top priority. Interestingly, he is still motivated by the gold rewards from both dungeons and dailies.

  He also appears self-reliant when it comes to gemming/enchanting, ect, though a look at wowheroes shows that he's not too concerned with maximizing this specific character's gearing. This kind of undercuts his claim for performance oriented decisions, but I'm not one to judge. His main could be epic gemmed for all I know. My observation here is that a higher income does not necessarily correlate with better gearing.

  There is still a hint of frugality, in that he does not consider fast-flying worth the expense, much less Vial or anything else like that.

  Important to note is that if he had 4k gold or less, he would spend more conservatively. This contrasts with the previous interviewee who is quite happy at that level. Also, he seems hesitant at the thought of having 400k, arguing that it would negatively impact his gameplay.

  Though he has about 10 times the amount of gold, and is in a position to more easily raise funds, he seems about as satisfied with his gameplay as Viirus.

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