Friday, July 27, 2012

Inscription Updates: Research Done, Mists Speculation, More Whiptail

  I've finally finished Northrend Inscription Research on my Horde Inscriber. This, of course, allows me to start using Books of Glyph Mastery, which I am greatly annoyed are still necessary. There was supposed to be a fix so that all glyphs could be researched, but that never happened. I still need 32 books, so I'll have to step up buying efforts on both factions if I want to finish before Mists.

  Which happens in a matter weeks, but more importantly, the 5.0 pre-patch is even sooner, and that's the no-later-than date for milling all Whiptail and trading down Blackfallow for other inks. Some are crafting stacks of glyphs, since they take up less room, but I have enough room for all the ink I need. I've set aside a full bank tab of each ink other than Shimmering (which I'll have just one Inscription bag full of, since it's dirt cheap). I'll have even more ink than that when I finish milling, so I'll trade for more Ink of the Sea and Ethereal.

  On the matter of stocking glyphs: There's two assumptions made by this strategy. First, that all, or at least most of current glyphs will not turn to grey. Currently, two are slated to fade, Glyph of Shadowburn and Glyph of Frostbolt, so it looks like this strategy will work out, but we can't be certain. The second assumption is that the ones that are stocked up will sell. I think this is a fairly safe assumption. I won't be doing either, though, since my stocking method is to keep a low backstock of glyphs that either were crafted but undercut to low before I posted, or that I buy out to raise the price. Having a ton of ink on hand will allow me to keep up with glyph sales just fine.

  The new Darkmoon Cards will be limited by Scrolls of Wisdom, a daily cooldown. This is an incredibly limiting mechanic in the crafting of Darkmoon trinkets, and prices are sure to be high for months. This will also drive card crafters to also be card buyers, sellers, and traders, if they want to finish a deck in a reasonable time frame.

  The limit to one card a day actually makes having a second Inscriber similar to having a second Transmute specced Alchemist. I might level a second one on the Ally side for this.

  The DMC trinkets still have yet to appear, but I'm as certain as anything else that at all four of them will be as ridiculously profitable as DMC trinkets were in Cata.

  I bought up another 550 stacks of Whiptail off the Horde AH. I was almost down to 98 stacks from a few months ago, so this is a good restocking/saving for Mists opportunity. Maybe it's another botter/farmer, who knows. I know for sure, though, that I'll take them all off the market and save them for later.

  On the Ally side, Whiptail has steady remained over 20g a stack, so I know what my competition's limits are, and I can beat them. I've also started setting aside some time to convert the pile I have on Ally side to ink, since I don't want to get caught with a bunch of useless herbs when the next patch drops. Generally I do 72 stacks at a time (2 bags full) so it will take me at least 14 milling sessions to convert what I have right now.

  Storing the pile is a bit tricky, though. On the Ally side, my Priest and Shammy have traded the pile back and forth a couple of times in the mail. Since I stopped major crafting efforts on all but glyphs, my Priest never really needs to receive mail, so I just let the stacks sit in the mail, taking what I need like a hamster nibbling at a water feeder. All the glyphs I make are sent off to a bank alt with a full assortment of inscription bags. On the Horde side, though, I don't have a proper bank alt. My 85 doesn't need perks, so it's got the personal guild bank access, while my leveling Druid is in a leveling guild. (I got's to have my bonuses, son). I think I just need to figure out what third Horde alt I want (Warlock or Mage), and start stashing inks in a second personal bank. (Still haven't figured out what side I want my Monk to be, but probably Dwarf)

  It also occurs to me that my investments are not very diverse in origin, since it's mostly Whiptail that I spend gold and time on. Sure, I've done some pet, mount, and epic gear flips and cross-faction arbitrage, but that's not been very reliable and carries a high risk of loss, whereas Whiptail will sell for a profit, always. It has an upper limit for the time being, though, since all I can craft is glyphs, Fortune Cards/Cookies, and Dust of Disappearance.

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