Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Role Call: July 2012

  I changed my alt line up a bit, after realizing that my setup was not ideal for various reasons, chief of which was that I realized I did not have a Dwarf shield tank. This would not do. Sometimes a particular race/class/spec combination just clicks. Dwarf Enhance Shaman was like that for me, as was Tauren Prot Pally. Dwarf Prot Warrior is my newest click, and I'm looking forward to pushing the class further than before (mid-40s). I suspect Dwarf Monk will click in such a way, but I'm open to having a Tauren Monk. I guess I should just try one out on the beta. I'm not sure what can make the Mage or Warlock classes click. One will likely be Dwarf, but which one, I don't know. I guess I should figure out what non-Tauren Horde race I'm ok with playing (likely Troll) and figure which class fits it better.

  I've also been neglecting my older 85's horribly, but I guess that's natural in this part of the expansion cycle. I don't want to be that guy who just endlessly levels alts, but never plays endgame (LFR doesn't count). My favorite specs so far for each class are Survival, Disc, Blood, Enhance, and Prot. Typically, I prefer to tank if I can, if not, then heal, if not, then DPS. How I decide between specs typically is a matter of which one performs best in a given situation. For example, I stick with Marksman in PvP, and before 4.3, played Marksman in PvE as well. It's not my favorite Hunter spec by any means, but when it's the best choice, I take it. Between Disc and Holy healing, I keep both specs on hand, but usually stick with Disc. The matter of choosing between Enhance and Elemental, however, comes down to a matter of gearing (can't switch between them easily) and that I leveled a Dwarf Shaman for the expressed purpose hitting things.


Dwarf Hunter
387 PvE, 399 PvP 
Knight, Crusader, Explorer, Brewmaster
Leatherworking, Engineering, Cooking
I can't really call my Hunter my main for now, since I've only pugged DS twice and RBG's are on hold for now. Even my professions are in a lull, except for cooking. Fortune Cookies are still very much a steady market.


Human Priest
387 PvE, 402 PvP
Inscription, Alchemy
Jockeying position as my main, I've pugged DS with a great group that might become a regular Sunday night run. I'm still primarily Disc, though I did respec Holy for a bit, mostly just to keep fresh. As for professions, Glyphs are still running strong as ever, spare Inferno Ink gets transformed into Heavenly Shards, and I save up Truegold and send them over to the Horde side to sell.


Dwarf Death Knight
388 PvE, 386 PvP
Jewelcrafting, Enchanting
I've been terrible about getting JC dailies done, so I'm barely into the epic gem market. I don't even like that market to begin with, since it cannot be prospected for. I really just pulled a few recipes to make epic gemming my priest cheaper. Enchanting is still profitable, but doesn't really sell near as steady as glyphs, and often gets flooded below cost of mats. I run LFR each week, and might look for a proper DS pug.


Dwarf Shaman
381 Resto PvE, 380 Enhance PvE, 386 PvP
Blacksmithing, Tailoring
Now retired to Bank Alt status, I've left both Blacksmithing and Tailoring alone, except for Buckles and Spellthreads. I was running some random battlegrounds as Elemental and LFR as Enhance, but decided to focus more on other things.


Dwarf Rogue
Level 63
I've started leveling my Rogue again, partly because I couldn't level Herbalism any further. Professions can be a powerful motivator to level.


Dwarf Warrior
Level 30
I started with some questing and battlegrounds as Arms, but got the bulk of my leveling so far done after speccing Prot and running dungeons. What can I say? It's what I know.


Dwarf Mage
Level 6
Bank alt
Still my glyph pusher/ink saver


Tauren Paladin

386 PvE, 376 PvP
Finally leveled all the way, I've run a few LFR's and plenty enough heroics. Inscription has been tricky, since someone is competing fairly well. Just today, they put up a wall of 10g glyphs right after I started posting at 30g, so I bought as many as I could. (I think I was being baited). All those got cancelled, so I crafted and posted at my usual max amount, 100g. I'm sure they got undercut as soon as I logged, so I'll check back on them. Also, I decided that since Bountiful Bags does not affect Inscription or Alchemy (still leveling), I /gquit and switched my personal guild bank (The Cow Level) over to this character. I really have very little reason to belong to a proper guild on the Horde side.


Tauren Druid
Level 23
I rerolled my Druid yet again, and I'm planning on questing more, since I'm unfamiliar with the current Horde zones. I rerolled partly since I wanted both a male and female Tauren and since I want to name my Monk Kaldwell. I tend to avoid typical tropes, (female Tauren Druid, in this case) but I think I'm alright with playing this one as is.

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