Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I should post more.

  I'm not actually going to write about anything substantial right now, errands to run, but I'm going to write about writing. I'm a novice in every way. I post infrequently, and don't follow up on ideas, i.e. the Choosing Professions guides (1 2 3) I had started last year, Building a Raid (1 2), and the MSV Tank Training I'm still working on. I'm starting guides in a hypomania of creativity and coffee, and when the buzz wears off, they get shelved. This is what makes me a bad writer: I don't write.

  I think part of the problem is a lack of structure, so I'm going to start a few specific weekly pieces to keep me consistent. I level my Monk a lot on Mondays, (except when I do last minute LFR runs), so I'll do Monk Monday. I tanked LFD up to 60, switched to healing for a few levels, just to get a feel for it, then switched back to tanking. BC dungeons are where things get interesting, so a weekly post on my Monk playing experience should yield decent material. My Rogue raids Wednesday and Thursday, so a Friday morning raid review is in order. My team is in a state of flux, but we're keeping it together. I've even geared up my DK so we have another tank available. Expect DK tank themes in the future.


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