Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Minor Difference

  This is my Pally's loot list and extra roll plan. The italics are undesired or already obtained.

Kallahan LFR rolls:

ToT 1:
1 dps (hit/mastery chest, random bracers, haste/mastery waist) roll #5
1 tank (hit/mastery chest, random bracers, hit/exp 1h, exp/dodge ring)
2 dps (hit/mastery cloak, haste/exp wrist, haste/mastery legs, haste/strength trinket)
2 tank (parry/dodge helm, hit/mastery cloak) no roll
3 dps (tier gloves, crit/hit 2h, crit/mastery neck) no roll
3 tank (tier gloves, hit/parry chest, mastery/health trinket) no roll

ToT 2:
1 dps (crit/hit neck, crit/haste shoulder)
1 tank (dodge/mastery cloak, dodge/parry wrist) no roll
2 dps (crit/hit ring)
2 tank (dodge/parry neck, dodge/mastery chest, dodge/parry waist) no roll
3 dps (tier parry/hit legs, crit/hit chest, hit/strength trinket) roll #4
3 tank (tier legs, exp/parry gloves, exp/35% heal proc trinket)

ToT 3:
1 dps (random wrist, exp/haste legs) no roll
1 tank (dodge/parry cloak, random wrist,dodge/parry gloves,parry/dodge boots,hit/dodge ring)no roll
2 dps (crit/exp back, hit/haste gloves, haste/hit ring, crit/strength trinket)
2 tank (parry/dodge 1h, mastery/dodge shield, dodge/parry shoulder, dodge/parry legs) no roll
3 dps (tier haste/exp chest, haste/crit helm) roll #6
3 tank (tier dodge/parry chest, dodge/dodge trinket) no roll

ToT 4:
1 dps (tier exp/mastery shoulders, crit/haste gloves)
1 tank (tier hit/mastery shoulders, exp/mastery 1h) roll #3
2 dps (tier hit/haste helm, crit/haste feet, strength/crit trinket) roll #1
2 tank (tier exp/mastery helm, dodge/exp neck) no roll
3 dps (mastery/crit 2h, hit/mastery helm, crit/hit legs)
3 tank (parry/mastery shield, hit/mastery helm, dodge/mastery legs, stam/absorb trinket) roll #2

  My first priority is to get the tier helm, since my current helm is off-set dodge/parry, not ideal. That also gets me 2 piece tier 15 (I already have tier gloves). Next I'm rolling for the shield off of Lei Shen, which will be a 22 ilevel upgrade and better itemized. After that I'll roll for tier shoulders and legs to get to 4 piece. Finally, I'll roll for the off-set hit/mastery chest and the haste/mastery waist, conveniently on the same boss. Alternatively I can roll for the Ret set tier chest for my tank set. After gems, it has 214 more secondary stats, 60 less strength.

  In the long run, I'm also looking to replace a 483 ring, boots, and weapon, preferably with as little avoidance as possible. I don't sneer at dodge and parry anymore, but they're still not ideal compared to haste and mastery.

  I just replaced my Relic of Niuzao with Brutal Talisman, a gearing choice that I anticipate will bring cries of "nooooob!" Why not the Steadfast Talisman? Quit simply, I don't like the dodge. Mastery and expertise are equivalent to me, since I reforge as necessary, so the passive stats are irrelevant. Steadfast Talisman is a funny acting, albeit controlled, 2 min cooldown starting at 16,000 dodge and reducing to 0 over 20 seconds, averaging out to 66.7 dodge overall (I'm not sure how to average it, so I just did 8,000 dodge/120 seconds). Brutal Talisman is an 8,800 Strength proc averaging at least 1,552 strength overall. Strength boosts Seal of Insight, Sacred Shield, and Battle Healer, each of which do a significant amount of healing over the course of a fight, increasing in value the longer the raid is not topped off, i.e. during progression. More importantly, the dodge trinket is still subject to RNG, while the strength trinket reliably returns health, boosts my absorbs, and tops off the raid as a bonus.

  My Jade Warlord Figurine is upgraded twice, so replacing it with an LFR trinket other than Soul Barrier seems kinda weaksauce. I'll just wait for it to drop, since I'll likely be spending a few rolls on Lei Shen anyway chasing after the tier helm.

  This is my Rogue's extra roll plan.

Kalyssa LFR rolls:

ToT 1: no roll-no roll-(gloves)
ToT 2: no roll-no roll-(legs)
ToT 3: no roll-no roll-no roll
ToT 4: (shoulders)-(helm)-no roll

  I'm just trying to get tier 15 pieces. All other slots are 502 or better. I even have two 502 daggers, and two 502 axes already, so I can switch specs with ease.

Gearing a tank can get a little complicated compared to pure DPS.

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