Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tauren, Of Course

  But it's on the Horde side of Durotan. I haven't had much success there, other than to tap other markets. I've deleted level 50 characters before, but not over that (other than DK's). Rerolling on Proudmoore would be the most logical other option, and since I've been really, seriously thinking of forking over the $25 to server transfer my Pally (90 and geared), that would put all three most hybrid classes in a group.

  My Proudmoore Monk is a Troll, and I'm pretty satisfied with it so far. The combat animations are great, and cruising around Org on my Mech Hog is fun. My Pally is Tauren, so what to make my Druid reroll? I like to diversify my playing experience without playing the hideous unnatural races (Forsaken and Elves), and I don't like the alien races (Orcs and Draenei) either. I suppose I could just roll both a female Troll and Tauren and see which sticks after level 10.

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