Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Abandoning Ship and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

  I've complained before about the Horde side of Durotan, and how I was dissatisfied with just about every guild I tried there. <Honor Bound> has a fantastic casual guild culture I was glad to have leveled in, but there was no raiding opportunity there. The guilds that did raid, however, were unacceptable to me for reasons I am done with, for real this time.

  With the release of Cata, I rolled a Tauren Pally that just clicked, and I think it was a combination of the new and old for me. I'd played Tauren before, but not as a Paladin. I'd played a Paladin, but not as a Tauren. The particular combination of the two is particularly fun. Also encouraging leveling was Inscription. Getting access to Northrend Research was a major driving force for enduring BC dungeons. Sitting on a stockpile of cheap Whiptail pushed me through into Cata. The release of 4.3 motivated me to gear up enough to tank under the Block capping model, just for the experience. Yes, I'm saying it took me almost 2 years to level and gear up. I was busy.

  I really, honestly tried to make it work on the Horde side. I figured I had spent all this time and effort, but that's just loss aversion, i.e. the Sunk Cost Fallacy. More specifically, this is an escalation of commitment. Every bit further I leveled an alt or an alt's professions on that side, the more I felt like I needed to stay and make it work.

  So I deleted my level 60 Druid and my level 51 Warlock, and rerolled a Druid, Warlock, and Mage on Proudmoore (my Ally Mage is just a bank alt). I've got my old Monk that never got past 20 set up as a bank alt, so selling everything off from there is already set up. Now I just need to set up my Pally for transfer. Preventing this is about a thousand glyphs I post and repost on the AH. I've stopped topping off my stock of glyphs, but I think I'll just have to leave them all on a second bank alt on Durotan and move to Proudmoore just with the remainder of my ink and other stock.

  My stockpile is another thing pulling me back in, as it were. Even the pile of notes by my desk, listing glyph competitors and their posting habits has been adding to the reluctance to leave. All of this is going out the window, (and by that I mean into the trash) and honestly, it feels good. Refreshing, even. The Horde side of Proudmoore is very large, so I'll be able to casually participate in the market there without making waves. Mostly I just want to fund leveling my alts. Alts can be gold-neutral if you leave crafting professions other than Inscription alone, and can be even a little gold positive if you take Herbalism and Mining. I like crafting, though, so funding that will require the professional heavyweight that is my Paladin with Inscription (all glyphs) and Transmute specced Alchemy.

  Also, transferring some heirlooms over there will be totally worth it. My monk has been leveling quickly (up to 52 now), and the blue gear I get from running dungeons constantly is not significantly worse than heirlooms, but with three additional alts planned, none of which get the snazzy 50% buff to xp, I'm gonna want those heirlooms.

  All this has nothing to do with the Ally side of Durotan, of course. I'm very satisfied with my experience in Tiyospaye so far, and I anticipate it being my main guild through the rest of Mists, at least.

*update* Tiyospaye sucks.

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