Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Ramblings: A Ton of Whiptail, "Polite Notes",

  That's 35,020 Whiptail. All mine, for less than 1g each. That's 1,751 stacks, or 7,004 mills worth. At 2 seconds per mill, that's about 3.5 hours of milling and 5.5 hours of crafting for an expected yield of 10,506 Blackfallow Ink. I already have 4,035 Blackfallow, and 3,646 lower level inks (not counting Shimmering), for a grand total of 18,187 ink, or 6,062 glyph's worth.

  That, ladies and gentlemen, is my nest egg.

  It's also my backstock for cheap glyphs. My cost of mats is never over 10g per glyph. People complain. For example:

  Just some guy on the Horde side. He posts a few dozen glyphs and camps them. I made the mistake of trying to explain that I prefer a low-price high-volume method of glyph sales. Glyph are not gems, dumbass. There's such a huge profit margin on glyphs that the market can withstand heavy undercutting.

  A couple notes from the Ally side:

  Seriously people, come on. I've been posting cheap glyphs on the Ally side for the better part of a year now, so "since you started posting" is a dead give away that you're a small timer trying to act tough. Sure enough, that first guy's got 150-250 glyphs he's camping. Good luck. Yeah, second guy, I'll have a good 3,500g + day.

  It's the condescending, instructional tone of these "polite notes" that aggravates me, but only slightly. They act as a sign that I'm keeping people out of the business. I've never claimed to "Own the market" but cheap glyphs are the backbone of my gold making, and while it's not getting me to gold cap in the short run, it's reliable.

  People are always respeccing or rerolling, so the demand is steady. I believe I have made Ally-Durotan players expect any glyph for about 50g, maybe a bit more, or they'll just get a Scribe buddy to make it for them. Players want convenience, and they will pay for it, but 300g per glyph? Casual players who borrow or save up for  fast flying can't drop several thousand gold to fill up their glyph slots. A few hundred? That's cake. Let them have cake.

  Honestly, though, at 3,000g a day, which I consider a conservative estimate, it would take me 8 months to hit gold cap. I'm going to have to take a thorough look at the other professions to ramp up my profit again.

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