Saturday, June 9, 2012

Through a Glass, Darkly

  I finally collected enough Eternal Embers (life of a pugger) to finish off All-Seeing Eye. I've avoided learning to much about the quest chain, as I've always intended to complete it myself. I respecced to Shadow, though I considered speccing offensive Disc. That would have been too crazy, and I'm sure someone, somewhere has done it already. Anyway, I report to old dude in the Caverns of Time, something about a blind spot in time, and no port to Northrend? Come on! The place is full of Mages!

  After flying myself to Coldarra (cheap bronze dragons), I run into this crazy bitch, and I mean that endearingly. Also, she's crazy. Anyway, some thing funny is happening inside that place I just got sick of tanking for lousy players on my Pally (level 77 now). So I go meet Tarecgosa inside, and we get pounced a few times. No screenshots of any action, as I was busy trying to stay alive. Damn dogs.

  See? I told you she's crazy. Damn, that was cold. This is a very lonely moment in the game, by the way. Also, more damn dogs.

  So after we meet back up, I facemelt two dudes that have her pinned, and she breath melts some barrier. Then there's the most fun I've had platforming in WoW yet. Still no screenshots. I suck at recording events.

  I expected to facemelt all these guys too, but Crazy Bitch froze them.

  Then this guy shows up and starts acting like a total prick. I stayed out of fire>kept him dispelled>kept PW Shield up>kept DOTs up>killed adds quickly>win. Easy stuff, once I got the hang of it.

  The "Mysterious event" was something about Malygos' son, Arygos, making a deal with Deathwing to become the next Aspect of Magic, even after the Hour of Twilight. Wait, what? After all life is dead, he wants to be the ruler of all magic?

  So I report to the other dude, and what do you mean it "Was almost certainly an elaborate illusion"? I'm sending you my repair bill. Whatever, Delegation time.

  Overall, this quest had a very lonely feel, made especially so by the wonderful music in these zones. There's also an undercurrent of desperation, as failure leads directly to the destruction of Azeroth. Lots of quests in WoW make you, personally, the hero, but not nearly as much as this one.

  There's just enough story investment into Tarecgosa that her absence, even only for a minute, made me miss her, and hurry to catch up. I really felt like a mortal around here, as she was able to take the brunt of most of the patrols attacks, while I was barely staying alive. I know she dies soon after, but I think foreknowledge of it won't lessen the impact too very much.

  The platform fight really boosted my feeling of badassery, as I tend to excel at that ranged battles, especially since multi-dotting and SW Death suit the fight well.

  The last fight was very frantic, I have to admit. I died at least 5 times before finding a good rhythm. It's all stuff that synchs up with being a good raider, really.

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