Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PvP Progress: A Few Arena Battles

 My new nemesis.

I tried my hand at arena to get some last minute conquest, along with a patient Holy Pally guildmate. I called our ad hoc 2v2 team Maceinyourface, and our record is a crappy 3-8. Beginner's 2v2 seems to be hit or miss in terms of difficulty, but mostly miss for me.

One opposing team with a member known to us beat us good. We lasted longer in a later rematch, but still lost. Only one way to learn. Another team of tandem DK's used their grips on cooldown, at short range, and on the same target half the time. That kind of lousy waste of an OP ability amused me. We had little trouble dispatching them.

So we played 11 matches for 540 Conquest. That's about 50 conquest per match, losses included, without the hassle of wasting time in an Arathi Basin loss, 1580-1600 (That sucked). Much better conquest/hour to be had in arena than random BG's.

I have been hesitant to play arena as a Hunter, but I think I need to, partly to make weekly conquest capping less urgent, but also to put a better hone on certain skills, like defensive peeling, faster scatter trapping, and DPS while kiting. Standing at the back or side of a fight and turreting is all well and good in battlegrounds, but 2v2 with a healer puts the onus on me to get the kill fast while staying sharp.

I also did some random battlegrounds as SV. The burst is really good, and I tore up a bunch of unsuspecting plate wearers. I'm not confident enough with the spec to do rated's with it, though, mostly because of it's lesser defensive capability. Yeah, Survival has a tougher time surviving, but this dead horse is dead. Soon enough, Pandas will come through town and teach the Hunters of Azeroth how better to stay alive.

Through superior firepower.

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