Friday, March 22, 2013

My Colors

  I have a few topics I'm writing/re-writing about, but they need more polish before I post (which I really need to do more often), but for now, I just want to give a shout out to the three guilds I have characters most active in. I'm new to all three, but I'm already feeling very at-home with each of them.

  I joined Tiyospaye on my Rogue Kalyssa mere minutes after things didn't work out with another guild, and I really felt like I was rolling the dice with these guys. It was worth the chance. The other day, we cleared MSV completely. I died to lag a couple times, and had position issues on Elegon (i.e. ran to far from healers), but we did pretty well. Last night, we wiped on Imperial Vizier all night long. We had issues, but we methodically improved until we had to call it on account of time. I'm not afraid of failure, or of calling myself out on mistakes. The rest of the group seems to be of the same opinion, and I appreciate a Raid Leader calling us out when we fail. It's their job. We wiped a lot, but we learned a lot and were going in the right direction. I have much confidence in this group, and look forward to future runs.

  In addition to their two raid groups (cleverly not named A team and B team, it's Rook's group and Mo's group.) they also are very social. I even joined their Facebook group.

  As a side note, I'm a bad Rogue. I sometimes forget my poisons and I have died to Attenuation.

*update* I won't play with a tank/raid leader who takes a two week break with no notification, and comes back expecting their old spot waiting for them. Also, I don't like getting passed up on gear.

  I pugged into a Hellfire Knights run, and wasn't expecting too much, since I'd just about given up raiding on the Horde side of Durotan. They were on Wind Lord and we wiped all night long. We tried many different tactics, and were progressing towards a kill. We had to call it a night, eventually, but I had already decided I like these guys. Happily, they like my performance, so they offered a guild invite. I spoke my reservations based on my previous raiding experiences, but noted that I like the way we were wiping. To me, a good wipe is a learning experience, and that is what we were doing. We were not slamming our heads against the boss, hoping for gear and the gods of RNG to bless us.

  I stayed on their vent for a while chatting, and it seems we are compatible in our raid philosophies. I cap hit and hard cap expertise, which is a paradigm shift in tanking toward active mitigation. Many other players, especially ones that have been playing a while, are resistant to this, but these guys are not getting into the weeds, micromanaging their raiders gear, itemization, rotation, ect. They are looking for performance. I like that. Of course, I am competing with a DK for hit/expertise/haste/mastery plate, so I'll have to acknowledge that he needs that as DPS plate before I need it for tanking. I guess I'll be reforging out of some parry and dodge for a while. At least I won't get called a noob while doing it.

  My first raid with these guys is tonight, and I hope it goes well. I'm a good Pally. I mitigate a lot of damage and almost never get hit by Attenuation.

*update* Turns out they don't understand Pally tanking. I'm not in Hellfire anymore.

   On a whim, I rolled an alt (Kallil, a Troll Monk) on Proudmoore and joined Taint. The specific guild I am in is Goblin Taint, but all Taint guilds are linked as a joint community.  My reason for doing so is because I'm bisexual, but I have no LGBT friends. I also live in a red state, with all the accompanying problems. I decided to try and bring my hobby and real life a bit closer together in an attempt to reduce the fractured feeling I get from having disparate sets of "rules of what I talk about in given settings". I hope to be more readily my "bi-self", which is difficult. I grew up in the Dominionist Christian culture, then served 8 years under Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Old habits die hard.

  Being around people as openly gay/gay-friendly as the members of Taint is a bit of a sink or swim situation. It's a culture shock, for sure, but a welcome one. I'm going to level gradually, and get used to hearing what gay people talk about when the squares aren't around (hint: it's in the name).

  So that's what I'm doing lately. I'm sure it's soon to result in more interesting experiences to blog about.

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