Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Drama Time, Two Gquits in a Row

  When I stopped raiding on my Pally, it was because people who call themselves <Nubs For Life> apparently are not willing to entertain the idea that they could be wrong, or could improve. Pally tanks in 5.0/5.1 capped hit, hardcapped expertise, and stacked haste and/or mastery. (I stacked mastery). I was told I would not be able to roll main spec on the haste/hit cloak off the first boss in HoF, since it didn't have dodge or parry on it. Guess what's last in my stat priority? Dodge and parry. They're not bad, just not as good as mastery and haste. (5.2 balances stats out, but haste is not dead, just diminished a bit. The change makes it so dodge and parry don't cause revulsion at the sight of it.) Not being allowed to roll for a BiS item was the beginning of the end for me. Also, I was already seeing that the other tank had the attitude that he was as good as it gets, and the healers were never, ever at fault for anything.

  The night we finally started real attempts on Elegon, DPS was pushing us into the phases just fine, and even killing the add a bit early sometimes, making it difficult to deal with the resulting AoE. Healers just didn't have the throughput to keep up, but wouldn't and couldn't be blamed. Fault is fault, and there's no reason to take it personal, it's just fault. If you can't accept it, you can't improve.

  Earlier in the night, the tank shield dropped. Since I already had the LFR version, upgraded, it wasn't a huge upgrade for me, so I told the raid that if someone had a blue shield they could replace, I'd let them have it. So the pug got it. No problem. Except that when I start armory stalking people trying to figure out what all was going on, I notice that the pug had the LFR shield. I /w the raid leader to explain what was going on, but no luck. I /w the pug to reiterate I was giving it up only to replace a blue, but no luck.

 So I /gquit and /ignored a bunch of Nubs. I should have seen it coming. These players were waiting for luck and gear to get them through it. Skill>Gear, people! As a matter of record, the pug was from <Foundation>, the guild leader of which is Killergreys. I was cautioned by Nubs not to play with that "drunk piece of shit". I don't know the guy, and I'm not saying that's what he is, just saying that's what Nubs think of him. Huh, maybe if Nubs don't like him, I might. I like getting drunk too! But his guild mate is, well... a good player (topped the meters), but damn she got offended really fast. Fran, if you read this, I don't hate you. It was just a misunderstanding. I gquit for the other reasons, not for the shield. I really don't care about gear that much. I care about playing well.

  I took an invite to raid with <Ferus Ordo> on my Rogue, but after a couple of nights of raiding, I didn't like what I saw. The class officer was telling me to stand behind the boss and use Backstab as my main combo point generator. Which I was doing! Duh! What would he tell me next, that W moves me forward? Not helpful. Not relevant. The problem was that the healers were not healing me at all sometimes. I'd die to Spirit Bolt after not getting healed for 20 seconds. A Rogue cannot live on Leeching Poison, Shiv, and Recuperate alone. We'd gotten into a bad cycle of "He dies early, so not worth healing as much" causing me to die more often, due to no heals, furthering reinforcing the idea I'm not worth healing, which causes me to die even more! After the raid, I gquit with no speech and went about my dailies. The class officer asked me a few questions about it, wanted to know if he had been too hard on me (pfft, no), and acknowledging that I wasn't getting healed, but I stayed non-committal. I just don't like drama. The guild leader took it personal though.

  If that's the attitude of the guild leader, I don't want to be anywhere near them. (Damn, that typo is embarrassing. WTF is "raif"?) New Rule: Don't take very seriously anyone who uses a variation of "slap in the face". Offense is taken. If you are offended, it's your fault. Also, the guild hopper accusation is baseless. I played only in Ephemera since I rolled that character. I went out on a limb to try a new guild, and decided that the first one that I tried wasn't worth it. Holy crap! I'm such a guild hopper!

  So now that my dirty laundry is sufficiently aired, I'm gonna get into the new content. Happy Patch Day everyone!


  1. I totally agree with what you have posted. Typically, low population realms have a more "raid with us or you suck" feel to them, but high population realm will try to suck people into hardcore raiding. The problem is that these groups usually fail because people don't want to progress with a guild that become a second job. I usually pug raids. There are a lot of idiots, but a lot of great groups also.

    1. That's exactly the case on Durotan. The Horde side is small and they have that "raid with us or you suck" thing going. No respect between guilds. On the Ally side, there's cooperation between guilds frequently, and many players keep characters in each of these allied guilds, for example, and .

      On the Ally side, though, the guild leader was trying to kickstart a 25 man in a wannabe hardcore way, but his attitude sets him up for failure. Who the hell needs class officers anyway? That's a relic from 40 man raids.