Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Search Terms That Led Here, 2

  I'm getting hits, yay me! Most traffic here is from Blessing of Kings, who has been doing TOR stuff. Some also comes from Darraxus who has been doing something called DayZ (sounds like a zombie thing). I have no idea about either of those things. I also get a little bit from World of Lae, who happens to be the answer to the first search listed. Some of it also comes from Google, and I'll treat search terms as a sort of Q and A:

 - awesome transmogrifications (x2)
For Hunters, check out World of Lae. For others, I suggest a Wowhead search for transmog sets to start with, or searching for helms, shoulders, or weapons to find something unique, then hitting Google with that item name.

 - best hunter spec for tb dailies
I think there's a proper answer here, even though the question is a bit strange to me. Any spec can roll through dailies just fine, but if you really want the most efficiency, then spec MM and be sure to take at least 1 point in Rapid Killing and 2 in Rapid Recuperation. This also happens to be the fastest leveling spec after lvl 49.

- blackfallow ink in mists
Worthless in every form. Offload them now by trading down for old inks.

 - bm or mm better for pvp cata
This is not an area I feel I can make pronouncements in, but the general consensus seems to be MM for arena, unless running a BM comp. In battlegrounds, either are viable, MM is more popular.

I made two posts I consider relevant, 1 and 2, but for more and better BM info, check out Huntsmans Lodge, and for MM, Tapington's posts on Warcraft Hunters Union.

 - female blood elf in mail heirlooms
Nothing to see here, move along.

 - how to taunt as a dk tank in wow
Use Dark Command or Death Grip. Wait, you want nuances? TankSpot.

 - item inflation ghostrcrawler (sic)
I do have one post on this topic, in which I suggest ilevel squishes for old content in each new expansion, and Uncommon gear ilevels in new expansions be scaled back across the previous expansion's Epic ilevels, bridging the ilevel jump while leveling.

 - mop class specific challenges
You mean the class specific armor from Challenge Mode? If not, I have no idea.

 - mop snatchlist stockpile wow
Check the Consortium.

 - mop wow
WoW is too big to mop, unless you're a fire breathing dragon.

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  1. Yeah, I am playing Day Z (as well as WoW). It is a Zombie survival mod based on teh ARMA 2 engine. It is pretty awesome.