Saturday, August 4, 2012

Darkmoon Card of Mists Trinkets

  I just noticed that the rewards for the Darkmoon Card of Mists decks are up on Wowhead. All but the tanking trinket have primary stats as both passive and as a proc. This makes them very potent indeed, and may be BIS for a few patches. It makes them a bit uninteresting, though.

  Another thing I notice is that they are Unique-Equipped: Darkmoon Card of the Mists (1). This just means that healers will have to choose either the Spirit or the Intellect option, and that Guardian Druids and Brewmaster Monks will have to choose either the Agility or the Dodge option.

  Also important to note is that these trinkets will not be available until Oct. 7th, when the first Darkmoon Faire of the expansion begins. That leaves 12 days in which to level up Inscription and start grinding out cards.

Relic of Nuzao

  The tanking trinket has 1,434 Stamina with 10% dodge for 12 seconds on a 1 minute cooldown. We'll have to wait for the theorycrafters to assess these trinkets to know whether it's BIS or not, but it will likely be a good option to have on hand, BIS or not. I expect this to be a much better seller than DMC: Earthquake was.

Competing trinkets are:
Brawler's Statue - Brewfest
Vial of Dragon's Blood - Raid Finder
Jade Warlord Figurine - Raid Finder
Stuff of Nightmares - Raid Finder
Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage - Shado-Pan Revered

Relic of Chi Ji

  Since the healing trinket has passive Spirit and a Spirit proc, I'm guessing this trinket will be a powerful regen trinket for the entire duration of Mists. (Update, has 1157 static Intellect) This trinket will definitely be popular for healers through every stage of progression. I expect this trinket to sell through Tier 16.

Competing trinkets are:
Thousand Year Pickled Egg - Brewfest
Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal - Raid Finder (Probably pronounced "kin chee")
Jade Courtesan Figurine - Raid Finder
Spirits of the Sun - Raid Finder
Scroll of Revered Ancestors - Shado-Pan Revered

Relic of Yu'lon

  I expect Spellcasters to continue dominating the population, though I need to find more data on this. While it's proc may not be quite as interesting as DMC: Volcano was, it may be just as popular, at least through Tier 15 or further. Disc Priests, Mistweaver Monks, and possibly also Resto Shaman may be able to make use of this trinket as a throughput option. I wonder if Judgement will proc this as well.

Competing trinkets are:
Mithril Wristwatch - Brewfest
Light of the Cosmos - Raid Finder
Jade Magistrate Figurine - Raid Finder
Essence of Terror - Raid Finder
Blossom of Pure Snow - Shado-Pan Revered

Relic of Xuen (Agility)

  Considering the legendary effect of 4.3, there will likely be more Rogues in the market than there were in 4.0, as well as the addition of Windwalker Monks. Hunters will be as popular as ever, of course. I am somewhat wary of the popularity of Feral Druids and Enhancement Shaman, but since most of these players tend to be a bit "Die Hard" about their spec, I'm confident the Agility DPS population will increase substantially. This trinket will also likely be BIS for Guardian Druids and Brewmaster Monks.

Competing trinkets are:
Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster - Brewfest
Bottle of Infinite Stars - Raid Finder
Jade Bandit Figurine - Raid Finder
Terror in the Mists - Raid Finder
Hawkmaster's Talon - Shado-Pan Revered

Relic of Xuen (Strength)

  The Strength DPS population might contract a bit, as Ret Paladins go through yet another redesign, and some retreat into Holy or Prot. Since Warriors and Death Knights are restricted to either tanking or Strength DPS, I think these classes might be even more susceptible to fluctuations in performance, and a significant percentage of players may abandon the class altogether if the situation is dire enough. It could be just the opposite, and one or the other Strength DPS spec becomes the new hot thing. Either way, I think less of these will sell than the Agility version, but some will certainly sell. I'm probably going to start with a 2:1 ratio.

Competing trinkets are:
Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster - Brewfest
Lei Shin's Final Orders - Raid Finder
Jade Charioteer Figurine - Raid Finder
Darkmist Vortex - Raid Finder
Iron Belly Wok - Shado-Pan Revered


  1. Currently there are better trinkets available from PVP for all dps specs. In 12 days you could get both of the Molevolent Insignia and Badge trinkets for your specific stat. Both have static str, agi, int and either a proc(Insignia) or on use(Badge) of the same stat. Hopefully Bliz will fix this before 9/25 but as we've seen in the past, PVE upgrades through PVP get ignored until they're picked up by the majority of raiders...

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I had filtered Resilience=0, so I didn't notice them. I suspect they may change either the passive stats or the proc to PvP Power. Or something. I don't know.

  2. Thanks, this was very helpful!