Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Druid Week: Kallonika

  Kallonika is a modified form of Kalonice, a Greek name meaning Beauty's Victory. She hasn't got any stories yet.

  My first Druid was a male Worgen named Kalev (pronounced Caleb) which is a Hebrew name meaning Dog. It was a perfect name/race matchup, and I love Worgen shape-shifting forms, but I ended up being dissatisfied with all the snuffling, so I deleted it at 60, and rerolled Horde.

  When I bailed on Horde-Durotan, I rerolled on Horde-Proudmoore. I had gotten to 60 again, so I was tempted to pay for a second transfer, but I can't really afford much more than $15 a month.

  I'm leveling through BGs, which can get monotonous at lower levels, but comes with the occasional chance at achievements, like Ironman, which I picked up this evening. I'm becoming quite the flag runner. I play mostly Balance and occasionally Resto, but my focus is on using all tools available to get the job done. Glyph of the Moonbeast is very handy.

  I hit level 35 today, so I get to grind more Tailoring. I've found leveling professions to be a good motivator to leveling an alt. Level 1-90 seems like a lot, but breaking it up into chunks kinda helps a bit. In 6.0, I plan on Tailoring being one source of Enchanting mats, Blacksmithing on my Monk the other source, and between the two, I should always have access to cheap mats for enchants.

  I also intended to level Herbalism. I rarely gather, but I could in 6.0, since gathering can make a lot then, and also I want mats for myself from the start. However, since I have rerolled my Mage and Warlock to the Ally side, I'm practically limited to three characters on this side of this server. I have Alchemy/Inscription on my Pally, fully maxed and researched, I plan on having Blacksmithing and Enchanting on my Monk, so I can tap the Ore shuffle, and I need to complement those two with one more set of professions. I may have to drop Herbalism and pick up Jewelcrafting instead. This would give me all three major sources of enchanting mats (cloth, bars, gems) as well as all major raid supplying professions. I would only have to buy leg armors.

  Or I could reroll one or both of the Mage and Lock back to the Horde. Or I could level my DK bank alt and give her profs. Or I can drop Tailoring and focus on the Ore market more fully, with Mining and Jewelcrafting on my Druid. I haven't figured it out yet, and it seems a bit complicated. I know this for sure, that Alchemy/Inscription is staying, and Blacksmithing/Enchanting is too lucrative to not have. I only have to figure out how to compliment those.

  But in any case, I continue to level my Druid, alternating between pwning BG's and processing piles of cloth. I don't know what I intend to do at level cap, but it'll be 6.0 by then. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

  I don't have any transmog yet, but I'm keeping Staff of the Verdant Circle handy. I like the look of the caster leather heirlooms a lot anyway, so all I really need is a better matching 1h mace. More options will open up as I level, so I'm not worried.

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  1. You really have full control over your characters! I have control over one realm and one side, but that's it. The others are kind of "out of sight, out of mind", sigh...

    Like that staff, it's very Lok'Delar-y. :)