Sunday, June 30, 2013

Knocking on Lei Shen's Door

  I pugged with <Egalitarian Misanthropes> on Proudmoore last week for a Dark Animus kill (and a few Iron Qon attempts) and they invited me back this week. We did up through Megaera Thursday night, with only some trouble on Tortos, and tonight we went up through Twin Consorts. We even 1 shot Primordius. After the run, they made me Haunted Steel Greathelm. One person expressed reservation, wondering how long I'd stick around, but it was overruled. I gave them 32k for it anyway. A solid tanking helm is worth the investment, and I'll be upgrading it ASAP next week along with the well itemized legplates that dropped. They initially offered to make the parry/mastery helm, so I had to have the "Conversation" about Prot Pally stats. No one called me a noob right off, so far, so good.

  They post logs, so tomorrow I'll be able to start critically assessing my performance. This is something I have not been able to do up until now. My computer can't handle logging. Mostly I'll be looking for how well I mitigate melee damage. The big hits have big cooldowns, and I have plenty of those. Cooldown usage is not an issue. How well I actively mitigate the real tank killer, spike damage from melee, depends on how well I generate and spend Holy Power.

  I'm hesitant, since I've been burned before, but what's different about this group is that, though they call themselves casual, they progress. I checked them out on wowheroes, and they have plenty of raiding experience, not just 6+ kills on Jin'rok and 2 Horridon this tier, or just 1 kill of the last boss of previous raids. There isn't any bad DPS being blatently carried, and mistakes are owned up to immediately. I know a good group when I see that fingers don't have to be pointed.

  So wish me luck!

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